Moving Time!

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Movie time? Nice! Oh, never mind, I said Moving Time.

And why? Because I have a hosting now and I have started my own site!!!

Honestly, this blog was a try out whether I liked blogging or not. I realized I want to commit to blogging and I wanted to have my own domain with my own customized website.

My new website contains also information for business owners in relation to their employees and other work-related subjects. Also I will share some things from my personal life, like my trip to Denmark and Sweden in April.

So if you liked this blog (or if you are new here), I can highly recommend you my new website. Which is better, more professional and with quality posts now I know I want to commit to blogging.

You can visit my new website right here:

Thanks for reading this blog and making me more secure of myself and blogging! You were definitely a part of that.

See you on my new website!

Much love,



5 Reasons Why Outflow Can be a Chance for Your Business

Firing people is never a fun thing to do. But when the economy is forcing you to do so (or other reasons) it is a thing you will have to deal with. The person you are firing won't react happy and maybe even aggressive. This can scare you, but firing people has not only a bad side. Read here how outflow can be a chance for your business:

Firing people is never a fun thing to do. But when the economy is forcing you to do so (or other reasons) it is a thing you will have to deal with. The person you are firing won’t react happy and maybe even aggressive. This can scare you, but firing people has not only a bad side. I will show you some chances for your business when you have to deal with outflow.

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Vote now: Madam Wander by Opel Adam

There is a contest running from Opel in Holland. You can style your own car on their website and if you collect enough votes, you will win the actual car you designed! So if you want to help me get this beautiful car (nice name huh!) vote for me. Click the article to get to the site where you can give me your vote. I really appreciate it!

My best friend and I made a plan a few months ago. It started as a funny idea, which wouldn’t work out anyway, but now it’s getting real serious.

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So I was offline for a while, but I’m not sure whether I want to continue with my blog or not. And another question: do I want to write my blogs in Dutch or in English?

For me, Dutch is way easier to write down than English, but if I write in English, more people will understand what I am writing about.

Wednesday was my birthday and I received the most beautiful gift I could ever wish for: a Sony camera. It has 20.4 mexapixel and more technical features that I probably don’t know about. A feature I do know about is the Wifi en NFC chip in it, which sends photos to my smartphone by just holding my smartphone next to my camera (say what?!).

I feel there is a piece of me missing when I don’t write stuff now and then, but I feel guilty if I don’t write anything for a couple of days. I feel there is some kind of obligation to posting stuff and I want to get rid of that, I just don’t know how.

Maybe I have to stop making such a big deal out of it and just start writing about things that are on my mind and I would like to share with you. I think that’s the deal. So hold on, there is more coming.



As allround Dutchie I think I am qualified to tell you the places you should visit while staying in Holland. It’s not a large country; you drive from one end to the other within 3,5 hours minimum. Of course you should visit Amsterdam and the city of parliament: The Hague, but I want you to show other places that are worth seeing in Holland.

The shore of Zeeland

One of the southern provinces of Holland is Zeeland. If you translate it, it means Sealand. Which will do because Zeeland is famous because of miles of shores and you won’t find any large cities in this province. The shore is naturally and the people who live there (‘Zeeuwen’)are very on their own but still hospitable.

De Hoge Veluwe, Drenthe

When you travel more northern and to the other side of Holland, you’ll strand in National Park: De Hoge Veluwe. This park (1100 km²) is a forest-rich ridge of hills. The park also includes a sand drift and there are many wild animals who live in this beautiful part of Holland.

Celebrating ‘Carnaval’ in North Brabant

First of all, the province of North Brabant is not in the northern part of Holland, it’s in the south (no joke)! On the 11th of November the people who live there (Brabanders) start their own festival, which lasts until the end of February. Especially in February the Brabanders go on the streets with handmade cars with a theme, as you can see in the picture above. Everyone comes to this parade dressed in style of a theme they choose, which doesn’t matter.

Traditionallly this festival is a feast, because it was the last oppurtunity to wolf before the lent term began. But I don’t think only one Brabander will know this… 😉

Markthal in Rotterdam

One of the biggest ports of the world is located in this little country. Rotterdam is not only a port, but also a beautiful and vital city, which is worth a visit. Once you’re there, you really have to go to the Markthal (Market Hall). This Hall contains several stores and stalls. Beside the shopping oppurtunity you have to look up, because the ceiling is the largest art work in the world.

Palace Het Loo, Apeldoorn

This old palace (<1684) was inhabited by several members of the Dutch royal family, but since 1984 it’s open for visitors as a museum. You can walk hours in the garden after you sniffed up some Dutch history in the palace itself. This palace is nearby the National Park De Hoge Veluwe.

Did you visit some great places in Holland? I’d love to hear from you.



What an honour that you’re visiting my blog.

I’m a Dutch girl, living near the beach with my boyfriend and two cats. I’m 21 years old and studying Human Resources. Next to my study, I work at the cinema and in my sparetime I like to ride my horse, go to the gym and watch series. Right now, I feel like I sound like a boring girl. But I’m defenitely the opposite (of boring, not of being a girl). This blog will be mostly about stuff I find on the web and about myself.

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