Moving Time!

A Business Girl

Movie time? Nice! Oh, never mind, I said Moving Time.

And why? Because I have a hosting now and I have started my own site!!!

Honestly, this blog was a try out whether I liked blogging or not. I realized I want to commit to blogging and I wanted to have my own domain with my own customized website.

My new website contains also information for business owners in relation to their employees and other work-related subjects. Also I will share some things from my personal life, like my trip to Denmark and Sweden in April.

So if you liked this blog (or if you are new here), I can highly recommend you my new website. Which is better, more professional and with quality posts now I know I want to commit to blogging.

You can visit my new website right here:

Thanks for reading this blog and making me more secure of myself and blogging! You were definitely a part of that.

See you on my new website!

Much love,



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