Vote now: Madam Wander by Opel Adam

There is a contest running from Opel in Holland. You can style your own car on their website and if you collect enough votes, you will win the actual car you designed! So if you want to help me get this beautiful car (nice name huh!) vote for me. Click the article to get to the site where you can give me your vote. I really appreciate it!

My best friend and I made a plan a few months ago. It started as a funny idea, which wouldn’t work out anyway, but now it’s getting real serious.

The idea was to save money and one of us would buy a car. But to save money you have to actually have money and time to save it up and the first one is not the problem. A few days ago I found my scooter all pathetic in the garage with a flat tire. It almost cried for help, because this is his third flat tire. And honestly I’m done with it…

My best friend and I would really appreciate it if you voted on our car! We styled it ourselves and if we get enough votes, we will actually win this example and Opel will bring it on the market.

Click here to vote on our car! 




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