5 Reasons Why Outflow Can be a Chance for Your Business

Firing people is never a fun thing to do. But when the economy is forcing you to do so (or other reasons) it is a thing you will have to deal with. The person you are firing won't react happy and maybe even aggressive. This can scare you, but firing people has not only a bad side. Read here how outflow can be a chance for your business: http://bit.ly/1OjnYLZ

Firing people is never a fun thing to do. But when the economy is forcing you to do so (or other reasons) it is a thing you will have to deal with. The person you are firing won’t react happy and maybe even aggressive. This can scare you, but firing people has not only a bad side. I will show you some chances for your business when you have to deal with outflow.

1. New Competences

In some cases you will have to fire someone because he doesn’t function well. In these scenarios you will have the opportunity to hire new staff. This staff will have the competences you missed in the person you just fired. With this new staff you can set new goals and make a new start.

Make sure you and your staff are on the same page about goals for the company and make the road to the achievements clear. This way, you both know what is waiting for you.

Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don't be afraid to disappoint.

2. Changes

When you have a business running for a couple of years (or maybe even decades) it is possible that you have people working for you from the beginning. When you are trying to think outside of the box, there is a chance that they won’t be able to do that too. They stick to the plan you had with the business in the beginning, but maybe you want to make a different course with your company and they are not willing to stand open for it.

Those employees are only holding you back from changes and developments for you and your company. In this case you can fire them, because they don’t seem to be capable to work for you and the company you have in mind.

You can replace those employees with new staff. These people will have a clear mind and are most likely to go with your ideas. You need to keep in mind that it’s your business and you have to lead it, not the employees. Of course you can get advice of them, but if they are only trying to set things to their own hands, they are of no good to your business.

The new staff will be open for changes and are excited to work for you and your business through the new course. Appreciate them and just like I said already: make your goals clear for them so you both know what you are working on.

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3. New Knowledge and Skills

The new staff you will bring into your business will have some new knowledge and skills you want in your business. Especially when you run a business that depends on changes from the outside, your employees will need to know how to react on those changes and how to deal with it. The new knowledge and skills can bring some kind of renovation for you business, which can only end up in something positive.

4. Redecorating Work

Maybe you are not quiet satisfied with the way the work is being prosecuted. When you have to deal with outflow, you can take the chance to redecorate the work and give the functions a different completion.

This way you can add some work to the functions or play with the proceedings between the different functions you have inside your brand. Be open-minded!

5. Internal Flow

Firing is not always the best solution when you are not satisfied with how your staff is prosecuting the work. Maybe they love to work for your company, but they can not use their talents to the fullest. In this case you can give them another function inside your brand. Right now, you will have the chance to hire someone who can actually do the proceedings the other person didn’t do well.

The employee who is moved on to another function can now develop himself entirely. Maybe he can develop himself when you give him a management position or you can replace him to a whole different department. Sometimes only the environment can make a difference in how someone is functioning in their position.

The other way around is when you fire an employee in a function and you can let another internal employee move on to that particular function. This can be a function on the same level (horizontal mobility) or even a more challenging function (vertical mobility).


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But with all these new chances for your business, it is necessary that not only the employees must be open-minded about your ideas and goals. You have to stand open for their ideas, knowledge and skills too. Maybe someone doesn’t bring much into your company, because it is a person who doesn’t talk much. Mostly the quiet people are full of great ideas.

Make time to talk to your employees one by one. Let them tell you how they would run the business and what they want to change. You won’t have to change everything they want, but maybe you can think about some things they said. Give them a chance to grow along with your company, this way you will bond them a lot more to your business. In the end, they are willing to stay longer with your brand and only want the best of it.

The Fired Employee

Of course no one is happy when they get fired (most of the time). But there are also some chances for the employee after he got fired. Maybe he can get a better (paid) job at another company. It can appear that he likes the brand more and that the working conditions attract him. That’s okay, don’t take it as an insult, every one experiences his job different.

Besides the work on it’s own, often the employee can gain more knowledge and experience when he goes to another employer. And most of the time the fired employee can get new challenges which can develop them.

The Stragglers

Most of the employers forget about the people who are staying in the company after a time of outflow. For these employees there is also changing a lot, but luckily there are several chances for them too.

Think about the chance to flow internally, as I explain in point 5. But there are also some learning opportunities for those stragglers. When you bring some new staff into your business, your current employees will have to work together with the new ones. They can learn from each other since the new employees will bring new knowledge and experience with them into the business.



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