Moving Time!

A Business Girl

Movie time? Nice! Oh, never mind, I said Moving Time.

And why? Because I have a hosting now and I have started my own site!!!

Honestly, this blog was a try out whether I liked blogging or not. I realized I want to commit to blogging and I wanted to have my own domain with my own customized website.

My new website contains also information for business owners in relation to their employees and other work-related subjects. Also I will share some things from my personal life, like my trip to Denmark and Sweden in April.

So if you liked this blog (or if you are new here), I can highly recommend you my new website. Which is better, more professional and with quality posts now I know I want to commit to blogging.

You can visit my new website right here:

Thanks for reading this blog and making me more secure of myself and blogging! You were definitely a part of that.

See you on my new website!

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After I posted my first article yesterday (this one), I realised that the people in Paris must have been traumatized. It’s amazing and wonderful how countries all over the world show support by lighting up statues and buildings and lighting candles.

But what about all other countries like Iraq, Pakistan and India? We hear about bombings every week and everyone continues with life. If we light up statues, buildings and candles for Paris, we should do that every time a country gets hit by terrorists. That probably means we can light up everything 24/7.

Why is the world so upset about the attacks in Paris, but strain no muscle by hearing about the bombings in non-western countries?


Terrorism has no religion

pray for paris

It seems like the world is on fire. Terrorism increases along with fear.

People are not experiencing just fear, it’s agony. Agony for other people who are using their religion as a justification to hurt and kill other persons.

My heart is with all of those who are experiencing that kind of inhuman fear and don’t feel safe anymore.