How to Keep your Small Office Organized?

Although many of us don't live in a villa or something, we want to work on our blog or business in a decent office. I shared some awesome ideas how to create a small office easily. Read the full post here!

Keeping your office and especially your desk clean and organized can be very hard when located in a small room. It’ll look messy very quickly. When you don’t keep it clean, you will get easily distracted while working and won’t keep you focused. Read more to get to know how you can organize your small office easily!

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5 Things You Probably Search for in Your Job

Everyone goes to work for another reason. One man goes to work to make some money and the other one because he really likes his work. Get to know what you are going to work REALLY for. There are 5 theories which tells you exactly why you are going to work.

Everyone goes to work for another reason. One man goes to work to make some money and the other one because he really likes his work. Get to know what you are going to work REALLY for. There are 5 theories which tells you exactly what you are looking for in your job.

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How to Prepare for a New Semester

After the semester is over, you have the idea you're done, but there comes a new semester around the corner. It begins always faster than you expected, so you have to be prepared for it. If you want to start the semester fresh and with new energy, you really need to read this post about how to prepare for a new semester!After the last semester is over, you’re feeling like you’re done, but hello there, you’re never done with school (at least, that’s what it feels like). To improve your results, sleeping schedule and social life you can better prepare for the new semester, so you won’t be starting it like the zombie you were when you were done with the last one.

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5 Steps How to Describe Yourself In a Job Interview

Job interviews can be the most terrifying things when applying to a job! Now I have made 5 steps, learned during my Human Resources study, which can make you help to prepare for your job interview. Those steps will help you to explain more about yourself and to make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidates.Some of the most terrifying things about getting a job is to do a job interview. You have to be on your best and you don’t know what to expect, most of the time. There will be several questions every job interviewer will ask, which you can prepare for. Let me help you out!

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5 Ways to Relax After Your Finals Week


Finally, my finals are OVER! Okay, I have to be honest with you. I have one more report to hand in, but then the second semester is over. Finally. Although I have to go to school one day next week for the report, I’m already giving myself relaxing time and made my couch my place to be this weekend. But there are more ways to relax after a tough week!

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Vote now: Madam Wander by Opel Adam

There is a contest running from Opel in Holland. You can style your own car on their website and if you collect enough votes, you will win the actual car you designed! So if you want to help me get this beautiful car (nice name huh!) vote for me. Click the article to get to the site where you can give me your vote. I really appreciate it!

My best friend and I made a plan a few months ago. It started as a funny idea, which wouldn’t work out anyway, but now it’s getting real serious.

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Doing your best is more important than being the best – 7 Study Tips for finals week

Want to get ready for your finals week? It doesn't matter whether you are in high school or college, we all have to deal with it. Finals. If you want to kick some finals-ass, read those tips on how to! You will feel ready and secure for your finals week. You can do this!

How much I want to be lazy and sleep on the couch like my cat the whole day, I have to study for my finals week. Unfortunately… But luckily my study at the university (Human Resource Management) is very interesting, so it’s no punishment studying for it. Although it’s not just a couple of chapters, it’s a couple of books…

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So I was offline for a while, but I’m not sure whether I want to continue with my blog or not. And another question: do I want to write my blogs in Dutch or in English?

For me, Dutch is way easier to write down than English, but if I write in English, more people will understand what I am writing about.

Wednesday was my birthday and I received the most beautiful gift I could ever wish for: a Sony camera. It has 20.4 mexapixel and more technical features that I probably don’t know about. A feature I do know about is the Wifi en NFC chip in it, which sends photos to my smartphone by just holding my smartphone next to my camera (say what?!).

I feel there is a piece of me missing when I don’t write stuff now and then, but I feel guilty if I don’t write anything for a couple of days. I feel there is some kind of obligation to posting stuff and I want to get rid of that, I just don’t know how.

Maybe I have to stop making such a big deal out of it and just start writing about things that are on my mind and I would like to share with you. I think that’s the deal. So hold on, there is more coming.



As allround Dutchie I think I am qualified to tell you the places you should visit while staying in Holland. It’s not a large country; you drive from one end to the other within 3,5 hours minimum. Of course you should visit Amsterdam and the city of parliament: The Hague, but I want you to show other places that are worth seeing in Holland.

The shore of Zeeland

One of the southern provinces of Holland is Zeeland. If you translate it, it means Sealand. Which will do because Zeeland is famous because of miles of shores and you won’t find any large cities in this province. The shore is naturally and the people who live there (‘Zeeuwen’)are very on their own but still hospitable.

De Hoge Veluwe, Drenthe

When you travel more northern and to the other side of Holland, you’ll strand in National Park: De Hoge Veluwe. This park (1100 km²) is a forest-rich ridge of hills. The park also includes a sand drift and there are many wild animals who live in this beautiful part of Holland.

Celebrating ‘Carnaval’ in North Brabant

First of all, the province of North Brabant is not in the northern part of Holland, it’s in the south (no joke)! On the 11th of November the people who live there (Brabanders) start their own festival, which lasts until the end of February. Especially in February the Brabanders go on the streets with handmade cars with a theme, as you can see in the picture above. Everyone comes to this parade dressed in style of a theme they choose, which doesn’t matter.

Traditionallly this festival is a feast, because it was the last oppurtunity to wolf before the lent term began. But I don’t think only one Brabander will know this… 😉

Markthal in Rotterdam

One of the biggest ports of the world is located in this little country. Rotterdam is not only a port, but also a beautiful and vital city, which is worth a visit. Once you’re there, you really have to go to the Markthal (Market Hall). This Hall contains several stores and stalls. Beside the shopping oppurtunity you have to look up, because the ceiling is the largest art work in the world.

Palace Het Loo, Apeldoorn

This old palace (<1684) was inhabited by several members of the Dutch royal family, but since 1984 it’s open for visitors as a museum. You can walk hours in the garden after you sniffed up some Dutch history in the palace itself. This palace is nearby the National Park De Hoge Veluwe.

Did you visit some great places in Holland? I’d love to hear from you.


After I posted my first article yesterday (this one), I realised that the people in Paris must have been traumatized. It’s amazing and wonderful how countries all over the world show support by lighting up statues and buildings and lighting candles.

But what about all other countries like Iraq, Pakistan and India? We hear about bombings every week and everyone continues with life. If we light up statues, buildings and candles for Paris, we should do that every time a country gets hit by terrorists. That probably means we can light up everything 24/7.

Why is the world so upset about the attacks in Paris, but strain no muscle by hearing about the bombings in non-western countries?