Doing your best is more important than being the best – 7 Study Tips for finals week

Want to get ready for your finals week? It doesn't matter whether you are in high school or college, we all have to deal with it. Finals. If you want to kick some finals-ass, read those tips on how to! You will feel ready and secure for your finals week. You can do this!

How much I want to be lazy and sleep on the couch like my cat the whole day, I have to study for my finals week. Unfortunately… But luckily my study at the university (Human Resource Management) is very interesting, so it’s no punishment studying for it. Although it’s not just a couple of chapters, it’s a couple of books…


Turn the music on and the world off

First thing I do is putting on some music. Everyone has his own taste of music, especially when it depends on music while studying. I prefer old jazz music and ballads, so it’s calm and a little quiet in my head. On Spotify, I often choose the moods playlists. My favorites are ‘Lazy sunday music’ (how ironic) and feel good playlists.

Next thing, which is really important to me, is to place my mobile phone at least two meters away from me and on quiet mode. After each hour, I allow myself to take a look at social media, but not for to long, haha! Who else has this habit?


Markers and sticky notes

And then it’s time to get started. Once I started, it’s easy to keep going. As you can see I use many different colors of fineliners and I like to mark some pages that contain important information.


The real deal and how to keep going

I used to write everything down, but since a couple of weeks I prefer summarizing the chapters one by one. To help me with it, I first underline the important sentences and notions. If I want to quickly look back a notion, I put a page marker right above the important paragraph.

Your brain is working hard to store the information you read and to keep focused all the time. To help your brain a little bit with that, it’s important to drink water. It’s a mini break from reading and typing and it gives you time to catch your breath.


Scheduling and archiving

The schedule for my study hours are not very precise, but I once read that it’s most effective when you study for 30-45 minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. For me, a 10-minute-break is way to long, because it’s very tempting for doing other stuff. So my break is hugging my cats, get something to drink and maybe answering a couple of people on my phone. After that I immediately continue studying.

Make sure you save everything you write and don’t lose any important loose papers. I have a special folder for my study, which is divided in one folder for each subject. I started with one document and putting all the summaries of subjects in it. But now I divided it in several documents, so I can retrieve it easily.


My finals week last until February 5th and then I have two weeks off. I can’t wait to chill out and relax. The weather in Holland is getting better, so I hope it stays this way. Did you take your finals yet and did you pass?



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